Welcome to the Lake!

Welcome to the Lake!

The Lake Sinissippi Association, (LSA) welcomes all to Lake Sinissippi. We are so pleased that so many have chosen the Lake Sinissippi area to be home, whether for year around or the summer season. We want to share with you some of the things we love about the lake.

Lake Sinissippi is a hidden jewel that has much to offer –

You can enjoy swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, or jet skiing on the 2,800 acre, uncrowded expanse of this lake.

Perhaps you prefer relaxing and appreciating the lake’s variety of wildlife such as watching flotillas of pelicans on a fishing expedition, wood ducks flying into trees in spring, sand cranes standing like statues on the shoreline, eagles soaring high overhead and much more.

For the fishermen among you, there are secret fishing spots for you to discover.

Lake Sinissippi is a lake for all seasons. Spring brings nature’s renewal. Summer offers fun on the lake. Fall paints colors that rival an artist’s palate. Winter has opportunities for snowmobiling, cross country skiing and watching auto racing on the frozen lake.

Enjoy visiting the area’s bars and restaurants, businesses, local community events, including LSA’s Lakefest, and seeing the sights of beautiful Dodge County.

~ We ask you to renew your membership or consider becoming a part of LSA ~

Our group is a volunteer organization consisting of homeowners, business people and concerned citizens, like you, who live around or near the lake.

Please visit our website at http://www.sinissippi.org or See and Like us on Facebook for more information.

Again, LSA welcomes you to the lake and wishes you many years of happy Lake Sinissippi memories.


The LSA Board of Directors