LSA Mission Statement

Adopted March 1998

Facilitate a return to ecological health for Lake Sinissippi and maintain it.

Strategy Achieve improved water quality, to include adequate aquatic vegetation, and species biodiversity. Improve wildlife and waterfowl habitat.

Goals and Objectives Emphasis on the education of all riparian landowners and lake users, as to appropriate and inappropriate actions that have a direct or indirect impact on Lake Sinissippi.

Create and implement a comprehensive Lake Management Plan to include:

  • Develop and implement a rough fish management plan
  • Develop and promote aquatic vegetation
  • Maintain and expand wetlands
  • Lower the introduction of nutrients and sediments into Lake Sinissippi
  • Network with related groups to form conservation coalitions
  • Consider expansion of aeration

The major emphasis of LSA officers, board and committee members will be to work on achieving the above mentioned goals and objectives